Johannes Hoehn

Photographer & Founder

32 years old, based in Cologne, Germany, I do have a strong passion for photography and videography related to the outdoor and lifestyle world.

I am willing to travel the world, capturing the things I have a passion for. If I don't feel it, I don't do it. When it comes to photography and its authenticity this is a key sentence to describe my way of shooting. 

The intention of my photographs is to blur the boundaries between urban and landscape photography. I love to experiment with ideas and thereby try to create a picture language that captivates the viewer.

With more than ten years of experience in the field of Sneaker Photography and having shot around 5.000+ pairs of kicks, I have developed an expertise and knowledge to shoot athletic footwear on a high quality level in a short amount of time. Paying attention to the very details of each silhouette and being able to highlight the story behind each model is one of the key abilities I see myself capable of. Rooted in sneaker culture, collecting kicks and being a part of the community is a key factor to transport the main aspects of sneakers into photography.  

I have always had a strong belief in the power of communities. This is why I tried to bundle the energy of some of the most powerful photographers in two groups of creatives: German Roamers & allupinitt. Apart from my own work as a photographer I enjoy seeing these movements grow and rising to some of the most respected community platforms in social media.

Apart from having great artists among these collective groups, it is far more important that all of the people involved believe in the same thing and pursue the same purpose. Having open-minded, creative leading people banded together, establishes an environment that will most likely originate something incredible. 

Follow along our path and jump on - because you will only regret the photos you did not take!